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Daughter of a ballerina and a journalist, Faustine grew up combining the Arts (ballet, contemporary dancing, acting and singing) with a deep openness to the world.


Passing her A-levels – including one in Theater practice, gave her the opportunity to perform in 2006 in Dorothée Zumstein’s play Time Bomb, at Lyon’s modern Médiathèque de Vaise, and then again in 2008 at the prestigious Théâtre du Rond Point in Paris.


Also deeply engaged and concerned with her society she chose to study Political Science, more specifically International Relations. This however, did not divert her from her passion. She kept training hard with numerous coaches such as Juliana CARNEIRO DA CUNHA from the Theater group Ariane MNOUCHKINE  and after graduating from her Master’s degree in Security and Defense, Faustine decided to fully dedicate herself to acting and entered Le Studio Pygmalion (Paris).


She represented the short film Violence sur fondeurs directed by Pierre Henniquant at the 64th Cannes Film Festival (2011), for her part as Bernadette, a Métaleurop worker on strike.


The following two years, twice in a row, in 2012 and 2013 she was also nominated «Jeune talent comédienne » / « Young Acting Talent » at the 65th et 66th Cannes Film Festival, while at the same time representing two other of her films selected at the 2012  and 2013 Cannes’ Short Film Corner: Dérèglement and La Lettre.


La Lettre, which then went out for a long ride of winning awards, first selected at The Cannes' Short Film Corner (2012), then at the Official Selection of Saint Paul Trois Chateaux (2012), the Pentedattilo Official Selection (2012), the Crossroads Official Selection (2013), The American Online Film Awards Official Selection (2014) and the Viewster Online Film Festival (2014).


As a multi-facetted artist, Faustine also directed various award-winning experimental short films (during the 2006 festival Vidéoformes in Clermont-Ferrand and the 2005 Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier).


She embodied Charlotte in the short film Assaï by a young but fierce Russian director, Natasha Arshavskaya heading straight to the Official Selection of the Salento International Film Festival (2013) and the Russian Film Festival - Point in the endless universe (2014)


On TV she had the chance to perform Queen Isabel 1st of Castille, for the Isabel The Catholique episode of the docu series Secrets d'Histoire presented by Stéphane Bern on National TV France 2, and starred in the movie Marrying Off Mom, directed by Jérôme Navarro.




Also into fashion, she was the Egerie Model for the 2013 Collection of Dawah Wear, and the brand ambassador for Haute Couture Designer Jérôme Dillinger, modeling at La Cour des Loges (Lyon) in 2006 and wearing his costumes at her multiple appearances in Cannes and other Festivals. 


As a true lover of stage, she recently performed two years in a row at Le Théâtre du Rond Point (Paris) a play (Les Maths Emoi) written by Christophe Barbier and directed by the administator of La Comédie Française, Muriel Mayette.


As her carrier browses to the heights of acting and performance, Faustine envisions to establish herself in the city of angels where director Yohan Riba Martinez offers her the lead character in his feature film The Abandoned Project.

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